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Our company sells wholesale and our customers are religious institutions, libraries or specialized dealers. We certainly sell also to individuals, but in any case, for administrative reasons and structure of our company the minimum total order is fixed at 250 Euro. Below this amount, we can not accept any requests. Specifically, you have to respect also a minimum quantity ordering some kind of items (the cheapest), such as medals, crosses for rosaries and central medals that is fixed at 300 pcs. each subject. About rosaries the minimum order quantity is fixed at 36 pieces any type, and so on. In any case we will inform you promptly about availability of items, delivery times and about any possible correction to make on the order. The prices shown on our web-site ( that is the only one catalogue available, may change without any notice, because unfortunately the continuous value increasing of raw materials, in some cases, doesn’t allow us to maintain the stability of the prices for long periods. We will update the web-site periodically, but you will always be promptly informed of any correction at the time of your requests. Read more